Preset Pack Vol I
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Throughout my photography career, I have continually looked for ways to speed up my editing work flow so I can spend less time behind a computer screen, and more time out exploring the world with my camera. Presets are powerful style tools that take a flat original raw file, to a workable or even finished edit - in just one click. It couldn't be easier. 
As a travel photographer, I encounter every type of lighting situation and scene you could find. I have spent years fine tuning a collection of presets that cover all areas of photography and with my first pack release, I can offer you my favourites to give your editing a helping hand and create stunning & professional edits instantly. 
This pack contains the following styles:
Blue Hour, Blue to Cyan Punch, Cyan to Blue Punch, Contrast + Highlight/Shadow Loss, Contrast + Highlight/Shadow Retain, Corrections Only, Corrections Only + Auto White Balance, Daytime, Shade, De-haze/De-fog, Flat + Dreamy, 5 x Black & White presets, 2 x Portrait Presets, 7 x Style Presets, 5 x Sunset Presets
All presets have been carefully built from scratch to work with every type of photography scenario. They will all include your first point sharpening, lens corrections as well as, tone controls, RGB/luminosity curve adjustments and colour shifts to stylise your work. The names given to each preset is merely a guide. You can create some interesting looks by using a portrait style on a landscape photo.  
Easy step installation instructions can be found at the bottom of this page. 
Below are examples of the difference a one click edit can have to an image. Drag the arrow sliders left and right to reveal before and after. 

Sunset 1

Blue Hour/Skyline



Flat & Dreamy 

Portrait 1 & 2

Sunset Styles 

Mono & Styles Sets

Adobe Camera Raw installation guide by Tim Martin:

Preset Pack Vol I
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