I've been very fortunate to travel around the world over the past 10 years. I’ve seen some truly beautiful locations and I've met some incredible people along the way. Whenever someone asks where I am from, I say with such pride 'Bristol'. There's just something about this city.. 

A legendary music scene. Street art on every corner. Amazing food. Stunning architecture. Cider.. oh the cider! The friendly folk with their 'cheers drive' and 'job's a good 'un'! It's quite rare to find such a big city with so much going on but that still retains a sense of community. It's infectious and has helped shaped me to who I am today. 

Whilst travelling around, I often find myself day dreaming about growing up in Brizzle. There are certain places that seem to jump out at me in my thoughts. Structures that have stood firm as I've grown, explored and found my way in life. I didn't appreciate my hometown in ways I should have whilst I was growing up here but the more I went away, the more I started to see it in a different light. I loved coming back to rediscover something I was unknowingly so familiar with. And for this, I wanted to channel this into a visual project with my photography. 

Hometown is an ongoing series that I will add to as I return from each trip. I wanted to simplify what I saw in Bristol. Focus on form and study the details to output it in a graphical and dreamlike image series.